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What do you think of your world today?


It´s a troubled world and at the same time a promising world. Do you agree?

Things are really moving fast and you need to be everywhere. It´s top speed, just-in-time, zero-fault and 100% quality required.

The demands on you are tough. From the work arena, from the private arena, from the society. And what about your own arena? How much time do you get, just for yourself - for reflection, for recovery, for development?

How do you live an "all-inclusive" life, where everything fits together? And is given the same attention?

How do you manage all these sometimes contradictive polarities of life?

I claim that we all make far too many either/or-choices rather than both/and-choices.

It means balancing the polarities of life, not being deterred by that and being defensive and entrenched, rather being in total awareness with an open mind and an expansive mindset.

Taking personal responsibility, staying above the line and not victimising yourself. It´s definitely room for blaming and justifying, but - hey - does that really build you up?

You always have a choice!

Here lies one of the keys to a calmer, cooler and healthier life. It´s more authentic and it´s more sustainable!

Do you still agree?

The same challenges apply to organisations - far too many are rushing forward applying yesterdays knowledge and perceived collective insights on the future. Not realising that if they stopped for a while, gathered all the people being concerned and collected some reflections around lessons learned, they might come up with great ideas of smarter ways to drive their business.

It really scares me that "the engineers" and their structural way to solve problems still dominates the majority of organisations.

They should open up for the human aspect! Include all staff, paint the beautiful picture of vision and strategy in co-ownership with all of the people, trust them and communicate every second! Don´t push them harder, pull them into the future! People need to be acknowledged, to be seen and regarded as important members of the team. They want to contribute! And they can!

We all want to grow our competence, be successful, relate to others and enjoy freedom based on trust.

Here lies a substantial potential in all of us!

But I´m telling you....don´t wait around till it happens, you´re in charge of your life and life is short, so just go for it!

Change path if you find yourself at a dead end.

Be a warrior!

Do you still agree?

...then you and I have something to talk about!


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My drive

Today’s organisations are facing a big challenge the coming years in a highly competitive and restrained market.

I work with finding the key to that superior people and business performance that will allow an organisation to stand out from the crowd.

I can make a difference with my dual background, both as a senior businessman and as a senior coach/facilitator/trainer/mentor.


I work as a change agent in structural and cultural change focusing on people and business development.

I´m an entrepreneur with a visionary capacity – creativity, abstract and strategic thinking and driving towards targets.

And courage – I can advocate change and drive it with a personal responsibility not being deterred by fear and anxiety. I´m persistent and persevering.

I clearly see the people´s potential in the organisation and I´m good at facilitating bringing out that greatness in people.

I believe that simplicity means performance, i.e. reality-based pragmatic coaching and training aiming for results.I have a multi-cultural experience of working with people and business change.

My belief in peoples potential is profound and universal!


In case you wonder...I hold all major licenses and certificates in order to perform as coach, facilitator,trainer and mentor..

References will be supplied at your request. You´ll find some on LinkedIn.

See you!










All coaching and training is based on the challenge that you, your group or you organisation is facing.

What do you want to adress and why is it of value for you?


All sessions are tailor-made, outside-in and aim for the effect you want to see in your reality. It´s about creating added value for you!

It´s an investment and you should have a good return on that investment!


As we go along in the process of making it happen, we add on methods that will support us in the various steps.

There are, of course, some key philosophies, research and training methods that I know from experience will be best practice.


So...I´m not pushing any "coaching or training products", there are always good stuff to find, once we defined our need for support.


So the way we do it is really simple.

The challenge for you is that it requires your full presence, attention, openess and will!

Our belief is that you have the ability and capability.


We all need support from time to time, to figure it out.



So, to cut it in short, my expertise is in the areas of

- coaching (life, business, career)

- mentoring

- leadership development

- employee development

- group development

- business development

- sales development










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